Father Dances With Bride at Tenaya Lodge Wedding
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Father Dances With Bride at Tenaya Lodge Wedding

A bride and her father share a dance at her wedding reception. The bride is wearing a white lace gown with a long train, and the father is wearing a black tuxedo with a white rose boutonniere. They are dancing in a large, open room with a high, beamed ceiling. The room is decorated with string lights and white flowers. There are guests seated at tables around the perimeter of the room, watching the bride and father dance.

In the image, a bride and an older gentleman are dancing together in what appears to be a wedding reception. The bride is wearing a white wedding dress and has her hair styled in an updo with a headpiece. The man is dressed in a formal black suit with a white shirt, black tie, and a boutonniere. They are clasping hands and looking at each other, suggesting a moment of sentiment and closeness.

They are in a sizable, well-lit venue with a sloped wooden ceiling, adorned with string lights that create a warm and celebratory atmosphere. A large fan is centrally mounted on the ceiling. In the background, guests are seated at round tables, observing the dance. Some are standing up to get a better view. The ambiance is elegant and festive.

The bottom of the image displays the text "Wedding" followed by what looks like "Yosemite Photographers," indicating the likely branding of the photography service that captured this moment.

The image shows a bride and groom having their first dance at their wedding reception. The bride is wearing a long, white lace wedding gown and the groom is wearing a dark suit. They are dancing together closely in the middle of a wooden dance floor, surrounded by strands of string lights hanging from the high, angled ceiling beams of what appears to be a rustic barn venue. In the background, wedding guests can be seen seated at tables, watching the couple's special moment.

Location: 1122 CA-41, Fish Camp, CA 93623.